Upgrade Your Space With a Spectacular Light Show

Upgrade Your Space With a Spectacular Light Show

Get Bluetooth lighting in Boulder and Longmont, CO and San Diego, CA

If you want to add a sleek appearance to your home while making your lights easier to operate, consider Bluetooth lighting. Kievit Outdoor Lighting has Bluetooth color-changing lights that can be controlled from an app on your phone. We'll be happy to install any of Alliance Outdoor Lighting's Bluetooth fixtures in your home in the Longmont & Boulder, CO and San Diego, CA area. Whether you want color-changing lights in your home, in your backyard or in your car, we can make it happen. Call 808-344-2145 today to speak with a Bluetooth lighting specialist.

Why do you need these lights?

Our color changing lights are:

  • Dimmable: You can change the intensity based on your mood
  • Customizable: You can decide which of the unlimited RBG colors you'd like
  • Versatile: You can make small additions to your home or light up the entire exterior

If you want to impress others and make your life easier, you need Bluetooth color changing lights. Get yours today when you set up an appointment.